Thursday, 6 August 2009

August missive

so it goes, we're holding the Belfast round of the All Ireland Slam at the next Make Yourself Heard on the 14th. Jenni Doherty is holding the L/Derry contest, so a good Ulster team is likely. I'm still obsessing on which poems to use in the Radio 4 semi, and which to save for the unlikely event of making it to the final. I'm also gigging on the 16th at the Pavilion on Ormeau Road, Belfast. There's a new venue open mic gig on the 23rd August at Studio 23 in Derriaghy.
I hope to be performing in Temple Bar in October too, but I don't have the date yet. I'm writing new stuff, just having difficulty completing them and have a fine collection of part written gems, hopefully my editor mode will return to me now I've got the latest issue of Ulla's Nib to press. Mostly I'm reading Graves collected works at the moment, which is a larf and to be recommended to all heretics and iconoclasts.
If I can ever work out how to post audio and link it here, I'll stick up some performance. In the meantime, happy trails

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