Sunday, 27 September 2009

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Final approaches

So I'm in an agony of choice for the final, with poems vying for attention all over the place. Tomorrow, 24th Sep. the semi-final is broadcast and I'm managing to be trepidacious about that, even though I know it went ok. So anyway, catch the show and wish me luck for Birmingham on the 6th.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Through to the finals!

Last night I managed to win the Radio 4 Poetry Slam semi-final in Liverpool, so I'll be off to the final in The Conservatoire in Birmingham on October 6th. The semi-final will be broadcast on 24th September on Radio 4 at 11pm, so check it out, a... very very tough campaign. It was a great night, Abby and Scott Tyrell both made it to the last round, but got pipped at the post. I'm really looking forward to catching the edited version on the radio next week. Terribly exciting. Now I should be straight back into practice again, but I'm totally sleepy right now.
Thanks to the kind people who sent me messages of support, it does actually help!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

September Missive

Well, I'm still practicing for the Radio 4 slam, which is suddenly next week, on the 12th in Liverpool. Well with the likes of Scotty Tyrell taking part it'll be a savage competition. I'll post the Radio 4 broadcast time as soon as I have it, it'll probably be about a week after.
I've got the details of the Dublin gig in October, it's at Colm Keegan's Nighthawks evening on the 17th of October at Cobalt Cafe, 16 North St. Georges St., Dublin. It should be a good evening, Dublin is picking up some superb mixes of music,poetry and stand up. The Belfast round of the All-Ireland Slam was won by Seamus Fox at he last Make Yourself Heard, so well done Seamus.