Sunday, 11 October 2009

City of Angles


  1. mr. mark. me was on a high for a week to be in the radio audience of your work after many years of enjoying belfast performances. your world of words spoken is one which holds a beleivable beacon to my wee path. cheers from babganoosh

  2. On husbands and wives working together
    Peter and Iris Robinson married on 26 July 1970; They are the first husband and wife ever to represent Northern Ireland constituencies in Parliament at the same time

  3. Mark, yer the Man! Thank you again for your spirited poetry, and for HOME STUDIES which is now posted on my blog. I am saving JENNY's TALE for my weekend poetry fix! Be well, and I hope you will receive lashings of lively comments from folks who receive me newsletter/ read me blog. Bless--Marcie